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Phones Down. It's the Law


Ohio distracted driving law effective on April 4th

As of April 4, 2023, it is illegal to use or hold a cell phone while driving on Ohio roads. If an officer sees a violation, they can pull you over. In most cases, anything more than a single touch or swipe is against the law.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol and local law enforcement will issue warnings for six months for violations as part of the effort to educate and help motorists adapt to the new law.  Beginning October 5, 2023, law enforcement will start issuing citations for violating this law.

The Ohio Department of Public Safety has a Phones Down. It's the Law  resource page on the agency website with details about what is allowed and what is off limits under the new law and additional resources, including a sample article that employers can use to communicate the distracted driving law to employees.

Phones Down. It's the Law.

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